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A Word About Offerings & Tithes

Visitors are not expected to contribute offerings or tithes and you'll note that we don't gather tithes during the Mass.  Instead, we ask that all tithes and offerings be submitted into the alms box located just inside the nave by the organ, either right before or right after the Mass.  Those wishing to make electronic funds transfers directly into the church's account should speak to Mr. Brian Hull, the congregation Treasurer, for instructions. 

Unless otherwise noted, tithes will be directed to the congregation's general fund (i.e. where needed most).  Additionally, parishioners may direct portions of their tithes to specific designated funds. Currently, these are:

  • Benevolence Fund (also available to members)

  • Deaconess Fund

  • Pastor Call Fund (for the future!)

  • Sunday School Fund

  • Youth Ministry Fund

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